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Hi ya'll! I'm guessing you're here for some photos, huh? Well, good news. Because this Jesus loving, red white and blue singing, small town, adventurous soul girl is here for YOU. My name is Jillian Jean and I'm a Freelance and Yellow Ribbon Photographer. If you're not sure what a Yellow Ribbon Photographer is, click here


For as long as I can remember I've always loved cameras. It started with my fascination of collecting retro polaroids and has developed into me starting this brand. I am a college student at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls as a Marketing Communications and Communications double major. I took a photography class my sophomore year as an elective that sparked my interest. Fast forward over the summer of 2019 and into my Junior year, I found myself starting JJ Photography. There was a moment in my head that told me to do it... to stop wishing and to make it a reality. So, out of a whim of a moment, I said, YES. Since then I haven't looked back, but I instead am using every once of my free time to further my education on what it takes to be YOUR photographer. 

And to be truthfully honest,  I'm working on my photography at times when I should be doing my homework...shhhh.

It is TRUE that I am new to the profession...however, I'm in LOVE with it. I'm so passionate and dedicated already since I've started pursuing this career. ​I've learned what I like and don't like in my work, and I'm continuously open for growth. I've learned that couples photography are a dear favorite, and that family photography is something I want to dive into more! Weddings are MY DREAM, however. Ask how I've been surrounded by weddings just about every weekend in the summer when you bite the bullet and give this girl a shot. I PROMISE, I will not leave you disappointed. I will not REST until you get those photos you deserve.




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Tel: 612.720.9813


Located in Ellsworth, WI

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