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Yes. I'm a Yellow Ribbon Photographer.

What is a Yellow Ribbon Photographer you ask?

Well here's a little back story first...

I've always been passionate about our military. I've always known I'd contribute and serve somehow, but I just could never find the right fit for me. For a while I considered the military myself, but it just never seemed right. I couldn't figure out how to help, where to donate, or how to be of service to the men and women who have given so much. I will admit, I didn't know Yellow Ribbon Photographers existed before searching "How To Support Our Military" in Google one day. I clicked through a couple different slides on an article until my eyes saw the words "Yellow Ribbon Photographer". It was almost instantaneous that THAT was what I wanted to do. THAT was how I was going to serve.

Yellow ribbons have been a symbol of support for our military for a long time. These ribbons are known to have been prominent during the Gulf War in 1990. They were also presented back in the 1960s when songs like "Tie A Yellow Ribbon" by Dawn and Tony Orlando, and in 1949 with  "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" re-written by Leroy Parker & M. Ottner.


Ok, ok. So here's what this means for you!

It's a COMPLEMENTARY photographic service for those who are currently/expected to serve on a deployment. This may include a 'coming home' photoshoot, pre-deployment photoshoot, or if the family is looking for a gift idea for their Soldier, Airman, Sailor, Marine, or Coast Guardsman while they are away from home. Again, it's a FREE service. If you have any questions about this service and its logistics, please contact me! I want to be of service for those who serve us.


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